Your Life and Your Health

Posted on August 4th, 2010 by Mic in Female Fitness Resources

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I do read a lot of marketing information and every once in a while someone says something that sparks my mind.  The remark was about marketing, but it can also apply to your life and your health.

The remark comes from Drayton Bird while he was talking on a teleseminar with Perry Marshall.  Both are copywriters and marketers.

Bird said: “Good times breed bad habits. Bad times breed good habits.”

In a nutshell, when things are going good, most people get complacent.  They take things for granted.  When they do this, the inevitable happens.  Things start going downhill.

Once they get to a really bad point, then most people wake up and say things have to change.  They get back on track with their life and their health and fitness programs. 

This yo-yo effect can be pretty drastic and cause wild fluctuations.  If these fluctuations are too drastic or too wild, then your whole life can be affected. 

It doesn’t just affect you.  Look at the economy.  Things were going good, the banks (as just one example) got complacent and started loaning to anyone who could breath.

Turns out just breathing wasn’t a good qualification for paying back a mortgage. 

Things turned south and the banks (with our taxpayer money helping them) now have such strict criteria that hardly anyone can even get a loan. 

When I mentioned the yo-yo effect I am sure many of you immediately thought of dieting.

You know, like when you stop eating and start trying to lose weight.  You got complacent and thought your weight would stay the same, even though you were adding 100-200 calories a day in mostly junk food.

You also stopped exercising or just plain old moving enough to burn up any extra calories.

You gained weight, sometimes a lot of weight.  Things finally got so bad that you said enough is enough.

I am going on a diet.  You go on a diet, lose a little weight and gain it all back.   You try harder, lose maybe a little more, but the weight isn’t coming off like it used to.

Not only do you gain all the weight back, but you gain even more.  Not what you had in mind, but this happens to millions of dieters every year.

Now there are specific physiological reasons for this and we will get into them later on. 

But, what I want to focus on now is the fact that this yo-yo pattern is not healthy for you. 

Letting things go, trying to fix them and then letting them go again and then trying to fix them again is a sure fire way to never get the problem resolved.

It leads you down a permanent path of least resistance.  This means that eventually you will be so harmed physically, mentally and emotionally that you will never recover. 

Or you will just give up and decide to ignore the problem totally and just live with it.

This means you are resigning yourself to a life of mediocrity. 

There is a better way. 

The better way means making some changes.  These are not hard changes.  They are pretty easy. 

And they will change your life and your health for the better in ways you can only imagine right now. 

For now, please take some time and think about how your life and your health is going.  If it is going great, then you are on the right path.  Keep up the greatness.

If things aren’t going so well, then you need a path.  Stay tuned as we develop this path together. 


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