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What is your Fitness Training?  Do you have an overall strategy of what you want to accomplish?

Or – if you are like most people – you just exercise or go to the gym to “get in shape”.

Before you start any exercise program you should have a goal in mind.

Do you just want to lose weight?  Do you want to get stronger?  Do you want to have bigger muscles?  Do you want to lose the last inch or two around your waist?

All of those questions are good questions.  The problem is that most people think that just exercising will take care of everything. 

Doesn’t quite work that way. 

Someone trying to get stronger should have a different exercise program than someone just trying to lose weight. 

Someone that is training to be a power lifter will have different exercise protocols than someone trying to lose the pooch in their abs.

Once you determine what it is that you really want to do then you can develop a strategy to accomplish that in the most efficient manner possible. 

Now, I am all about efficiency.  I don’t have a lot of time to spend in the gym so I want a program that will meet my wants in the most efficient way possible. 

I assume that some of you feel the same way. 

So the next step is to develop your program based upon your needs or goals. 

Here is an example.  A power lifter wants to lift as much weight as possible.  As such he or she will be training with heavy weights and taking a 2-5 minute rest between sets.  

This allows the lifter to recover fully before doing the next heavy set.  If the lifter tries to lift again before fully recovered the risk of injury goes way up. 

Someone just trying to lose weight should concentrate on moderately heavy weights with very little rest between sets, maybe 30-45 seconds. 

Now I know most people trying to lose weight think they should only use light weights and do more reps.  Unless you are going to be doing reps in the 50-100 rep range that strategy won’t work.

The idea of losing weight means you have to burn calories.  Burning calories just while you are exercising is okay, but it is not enough. 

This is why you see a lot of very heavy people at the gyms – even if they have been going for years.    They are only burning calories while exercising and they do not get any afterburn effect.

Lifting light weights does not put your body into the afterburn. 

You need to stress your muscles so that your body has to recover.  The recovery process is where you burn the most calories, because this recovery process burns calories continuously for up to 48 hours after the exercise session. 

Stay tuned for part 2 in your fitness training series. 


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