Your Fitness Training Part 4

Posted on September 23rd, 2010 by Mic in Fitness Model Workout Ideas

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We continue your fitness training posts today talking about continuing your program for life.

We mentioned Tai Chi, walking, Yoga and their is biking, hiking, swimming and dancing to mention a few more.

Once you have picked a program that you feel you can stick to for life this is great.  You will find that you will make more progress and keep that progress easily throughout your life. 

You won’t have to worry about losing and gaining weight again and again.  You won’t have to worry about being fit or having to “get in shape” every again. 

What happens if your circumstances change?

This could be because you find you don’t really like what you chose originally.  It could be because you decide you want to get stronger or that you would like to have 6 pack abs. 

It could also be because of an accident or injury that forces your to stop doing some of your exercises.

This happened to me. 

I loved to do squats.   At my strongest I was able to do 365 for 3 full reps and I did 425 for 3 partials. 

But, my back didn’t like it.  Along with some of the other exercises I was doing. 

Eventually I had to have back surgery.  Did that change my workout routine.  Sure did.

When I started back in the gym again I had to use weights an 8 year old girl could lift. 

And I haven’t done any squats with weight since. 

The main point is that I did go back to the gym and I have set new personal bests in the leg press just a few weeks ago (1125 pounds) and dumbbell curls (75 pounds each). 

So what is the take away here.  Life changes and you will probably have to make adjustments in your fitness training. 

That is okay.  Just remember to keep doing something.  I have made weight lifting part of my routine for life.  And getting stronger is one of my overall goals. 

You get to decide what it is that you want to do.  Maybe getting stronger isn’t one of your goals.  Maybe flexibilty and movement are more important to you.  Then maybe Yoga is just what you need. 

What ever it is, just make sure that it is something that you want to do for the rest of your life.  And that it is something you can do for the rest of your life.

Now maybe I won’t always be able to get stronger as I get into my 90’s and 100’s.  But, that is okay.  I will still be strong and still be fit. 

Hopefully your fitness training will help your reach and keep those goals throughout life.


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