You Are What You Eat

Posted on October 4th, 2010 by Mic in Fitness Model Nutrition Tips

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The saying “you are what you eat” has been around a long time.  But, is it really true when we are talking about weight gain?

This brings up the question of is it what you eat or how much you eat that is more important?

I just read a post by a well known fitness guru who said that “No one, and I repeat, NO ONE is fat because they eat too much fruit”.

Well maybe that is true and maybe not.  He has fallen into the same trap that many diet and fitness gurus fall into. 

They think that if you eat healthy foods all the time you can’t get fat.  That is a nice myth. 

You get fat by how much you eat.  If you eat too much – or more calories in than you burn each day – then you will gain weight.

If all your calories come from fruit and those calories add up to more than you burn you will gain weight and could get fat.

Now you will have to eat a lot of fruit to do this.  And most people do not just eat fruit and nothing else all day. 

The same is true of vegetables.  And yes there are some overweight and even obese vegetarians. 

This used to be pretty easy to figure out.  However, as science has provided us with more information it has become easy to add this information and speculate about it without thinking.

So science has provided us with the concept of micronutrients.  Yes, everyone has heard of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. 

But, it has only been within the last ten years or so that everyone has jumped on the micronutrient bandwagon.

The perfect example is the Atkins diet.  Or more correctly the bastardization of the Atkins diet. 

Eat as much protein and fat as you want, just cut out the carbs and you will drop weight and body fat like instantly.  This was the Atkins battlecry. 

Unfortunately it wasn’t entirely true.

Yes, if you cut out carbs from your diet, you will lose weight.  And if you cut out fat from your diet you will lose weight.  And if you cut out protein from your diet you will lose weight.

Cut out anything from your diet and you will lose weight.  However, this weight loss is not sustainable. 

Even the Atkins diet advocates found this out as they too gained the weight back after a period of time. 

What to know why?  Stay tuned for the next post of you are what you eat.


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