Women Need Muscles Part 2

Posted on May 25th, 2010 by Mic in Female Fitness Resources


 Welcome to part 2 of women need muscles too.  If you missed the first post just check out the previous posts sections to read part 1.

 3. Prevents falls.

 A more muscular body helps with your balance.  The constant stimulation of the muscles of a fit person helps the body react better and more quickly to potential falls.

 The strength of your leg and hip muscles alone can help prevent a fall if you slip. 

 It also helps keep your bodies proprioceptors (balance mechanisms) at their peak efficiency.

 4. Stronger bones.

 There is nothing in the world that helps keep your bones strong than exercising and making your muscles stronger.

 Weight bearing exercises and weight training are the best for this.  You can start exercising today.

 Make sure you supplement with enough calcium, magnesium and Vit D also.

Continue doing these things the rest of your life and you won’t have to worry about hip replacement surgery or ending up in a nursing home in your later years.

 5. Increased mitochondrial levels.

The mitochondria are the power houses of your cells.  The more you exercise the more energetic your mitochondria are.

 Instead of decreasing in number with age for non-exercisers, your mitochondria stay at the same levels throughout life.

 That means you have more energy throughout life.  And the latest research indicates that high energy mitochondria play an important role in anti-aging. 

 6. More muscle = more fat burned.

Muscle helps in the fat burning process. The more muscular you are the more energy you burn – even while you are sitting down. You get this energy from carbohydrates and fat.

 Most exercise will burn off the carbs, but you need to get into the fat stores.

This is done with your raised metabolism, which comes about from exercise and bigger, stronger muscles.

The food you eat will be used to feed your muscles and not stored as fat.

Now this raised metabolism is not a lot.  But, here is the great part about it.  Your raised metabolism stays with you 24/7/365. 

 That means a stonger muscled you burns more fat every second of every day for the rest of your life.  That is a lot of calories.  It will help keep you slim throughout life. 

 7. Increased metabolism.

This is like a good “Catch 22”. You exercise and this burns fat and raises your metabolism. You also gain muscle tissue. Muscle demands more energy which also helps raise your metabolism.

More muscle means a higher metabolism which means more fat burned.

 8. More energy.

You get more energy from exercise, from a raised metabolism and from more active mitochondria. 

Bottom line is you can’t go wrong by exercising  and developing those muscles.

Stay tuned for part three tomorrow.


 Mike Val

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