Proper Nutrition Key Female Fitness

Posted on May 7th, 2010 by Mic in Fitness Model Tips

Most women want to be that model in the fitness magazine with a hot bikini body. Achieving a magazine bikini body requires some lifestyle changes. Changes in how you think, eat and your activity level.

Many women have the common misconception that diets do work.
• Nutrition Tip 1-Diets may work for however long you plan to stay on the diet, (Please note that some of the information in this article by another author are not 100% accurate – keep reading this blog to stay up to date on the latest scientific info) but once you get off the diet you will gain the weight back plus more. Life style changes are permanent and will help you maintain a healthy weight over time. Nutrition is a large part of maintain healthy weight and achieving a bikini body.
• Nutrition Tip 2- Eliminating liquid calories- We all have our moments where we want a change from boring water. This is okay, we are only human and we need variety. Drinking sodas, juice, artificially flavored and other high calorie drinks every once in awhile is fine. But I highly recommend that you drink water as much as possible. Water cleans your body of waste and hydrates you better than any sports drink.
• Nutrition Tip 3-Taking in more fiber- Fiber is important when it comes to cleansing the body. Fiber not only cleanses your body of waste but can also help you reduce your weight.
• Nutrition Tip 4-Eating spicy food- Spicy food raises your metabolism and burn fat. Spicy food heats your body and makes your heart pump more blood through your body.
• Nutrition Tip 4- Eating Fruit and vegetables- Eating fruits and vegetables whenever possible. Yes I know you have heard this a million times over. But there is no denying the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables. Most fruits and vegetables do not have many calories.

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