Lose Weight or Fat? Part 4

Posted on March 7th, 2011 by Mic in Female Fitness Resources

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Lose Weight or Fat? Part 4


In this series on losing weight or fat, you have seen that just going on a diet and doing some lower intensity aerobics is not the answer to getting rid of body fat.

Yes, you can lose weight, but you will lose organ weight, bone weight, muscle weight as well as some body fat.   In other words you will be a tinier you, but with the same  body shape.

Low intensity to medium intensity exercise sessions whether they be aerobics or calisthenics do not keep your metabolism raised beyond the point of doing the actual exercises. 

That is because there is no afterburn effect.  You lose weight because you do raise your metabolism and do burn some calories while actually doing the exercise. 

As mentioned several studies have shown that these low to moderate intensity exercises do not burn as many calories over a period of time as higher intensity exercises. 

So that is the key.  In order to burn more body fat and to change your shape you need higher intensity exercises.

And as mentioned last time you need the fuel or calories to do these kind of exercises. 

That is why you shouldn’t drop your calories so much right away.  Just start eating better quality food and that will go a long way in providing you the energy you need.

So just what is high intensity exercising? 

Well, there is no easy answer to that.  What is high intensity for a professional athletes might be almost impossible for the average person. 

The goal is to improve yourself, not kill yourself. 

Everyone will have different levels.  If you are 70 years old, 150 pounds overweight and have never exercised a day in your life, then maybe just walking around the block is intense for you. 

But, you know what.  It does not matter.

Here is what matters.  Start doing something now.  Do something that you can do.  And you have to do one more thing.

This one more thing is the key and something in which almost everyone stops doing or doesn’t know they have to keep doing.

That one more thing is do a little more as often as you can. 

The great Russian weight lifter Vasiliy Alekseyev recognized this principle very well.  He set record after record by increasing the weight he lifted in small increments. 

He never (at meets) tried to lift the very max he possible could.  And neither should you. 

But, you need to start somewhere. 

Here is an example of something I started doing and built up to.

At the gym I got under a chin up bar that I could just barely touch by reaching up on my toes.   I did a squat and jumped up to grab the bar.  As I grabbed the bar I brought my knees up and pulled my self up into a pullup position. 

Then I came back down and repeated it.  The first time I did it I was breathing like a steam engine after 10 reps.  I did 10 more reps after resting and that was it. 

Eventually I worked up to 20, 30 and 35 reps with only a few breaths inbetween.  Then 1 day I did 50. 

Now I could never have done 50 on day 1.  Or maybe I could have, but it would have taken me a couple of hours.

So that is how you make progress.  You do an exercise(s) that is hard and taxes you.  And you keep making progress. 

Another point here.  Change up the exercises you do.  I do not do that exercise every time I go to the gym.  But, it is a great warm up for me and I will crank out 25-30 to really get me going. 

So bottom line, to burn body fat and make positive changes in your body, eat enough to keep your energy levels up with good quality foods.

Do more intense exercises and make progress. 



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