Lose Weight or Fat? Part 1

Posted on February 14th, 2011 by Mic in Female Fitness Resources

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Lose Weight or Fat?


Okay, you have to lose some weight (or fat) for an upcoming event.  Maybe it is for your wedding, an upcoming show, or you just got sick and tired of weighing so much.

If you are like most people you will reduce your calories and do some aerobics.  If you watch most people “running” outdoors or indoors on the machines you will notice that very few actually run.

Most jog at best or do some type of motion between a walk and a jog. 

Now, let me say there is nothing wrong with that.  After all everyone has to start somewhere.  And even walking – if done consistently – will help you lose weight.

But, is this the most efficient way to reshape your body?

The answer is no and here is why.

Low or medium intensity exercise will help you lose weight.  That is fat weight, muscle weight, bone weight, organ weight.  At most it is estimated that you will not lose more than 35-50% body fat following a low intensity aerobics or jogging/walking program.

This translates to a smaller you.  But the worst part of this is that you have not upped your metabolism. 

Low intensity exercise is not demanding on your body.  And it does not switch on the after burning effects of a raised metabolism.    So you are only burning up your body (fat, muscle, etc.) while you are doing the exercise.

Once you stop the burning effects of exercise stop.   And since you have not raised your metabolism the  body perceives that you do not need to burn as much fuel for energy.

The overall effect is that your body gets smaller and your metabolism drops.  Your body shape will pretty much remain the same. 

And what happens if you start eating a little more or exercise a little less?  Fat gain quickly is what happens.

There have been several studies that compare weight loss, fat loss and raised metabolisms.

While weight loss exercise does help you lose weight, it does nothing to raise your metabolism. 

If you can raise your metabolism you will burn more calories and more fat even if you are exercising 1/2 of the time. 

We will continue this lose weight or fat series for the next few posts. 


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