How to Pick Your Fitness Goals 2

Posted on September 10th, 2010 by Mic in Female Fitness Resources

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In our last post we learned how to pick your fitness goals.

You write down what you want and why.  Your why’s will lead you to the real things that you want. 

After you have these 1 or 2 things that are most important to you, then you will need to move on to the next step. 

That is what do you do next?

Okay, so let’s go back to the example we used in the last post.  There were 3 – you will lose body fat.

Now you have to ask yourself some questions and then write down a concrete plan based upon the answers you get.

So, how do you go about losing body fat?

Obviously there are several ways to do this.  In the interests of keeping this post shorter than the encyclopedia let’s just use weight training as an answer.

You can lose body fat by engaging in weight training.  Now ask yourself how can you get started with weight training?

You could read a book on weight lifting and follow along.  

You could look on You Tube at weight lifting videos and follow along.

You could go to the gym and hire a personal trainer and start training.  Or you could just get a friend to help you get started and start training with them.

Notice that each answer has 2 parts.  The first is what to do.  The second is to do it.

Why did I bold the above.  Because that is the key to succeeding in anything in life.

If you just research what to do, that is okay, but it doesn’t get you anywhere. 

You only succeed when you actually do something.  In this case it is weight lifting. 

You have to actually do weight lifting.  This will help you achieve your overall goal of losing body fat. 

There is no other way.  You can’t just read or research about weight lifting.  You can’t pay someone to do it for you.  You can’t ask your friends to do it for you. 

You have to do it.  You use your research (the what to do) to figure out how often you need to weight lift.  How to do the exercises.  How much weight to lift.

Then you put your plan together with all the above criteria.  Then you go do it. 

For example your action plan might be that you weight train 3 days a week.  You pick a weight you can lift for 10 times and train with that to start.  You ask someone (trainer, friend, video, book, pictures) to find out how to do the exercises. 

Then you do it.  Your overall goal is to lose body fat.  You do that with weight lifting.  You learn how and plan how to do the weight lifting.

Then all that is left is to do it. 

Now here is another key.  Whatever your weight lifting routine is, do it for 36 days.  That means if you decide to weight lift for 3 days a week, you do this for at least 36 days (5 weeks = 35 days + 1 day into the 6th week).

This does 2 things.  It gives you enough time to evaluate whether weight lifting is helping you lose body fat.  (Evaluation is another thing the goal gurus forgot.)

The second thing the 36 days does we will talk about in the next post on how to pick your fitness goals. 


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