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Customized Online Training


Does Customized Online Training work?  This was a question that Pattie Ruszala asked in one of the comments.  Here is her full comment.

There are many online personal training websites on the net these days, all promising great results and individual attention to a client. Does it really work? Some websites are based on the idea that after filling out the form client would receive a customized training program so she/he can follow a program to reach their fitness goals.

Here is my answer.

This is a great question and it is something I have had to ask myself as I am preparing my program.

I have taught personal training (and how to be a personal trainer) at the high school, community college, university, and private levels for many years. 

It is very easy to give individual attention to my students.  It is the best way for someone to learn exactly how to do exercises. 

It is also the best way to find problem areas.  If someone has a prior injury or is very inflexible then it is easy to find this out quickly and correct for it immediately.

No online program that offers a “customized” (read generic) training program can do any of the above. 

You will find that almost all of these programs are not customized at all.  They just copy somebody else’s program and put their name on it.

Now maybe that program is a pretty good one, but it is not customized and there is no support from a trained professional (i.e. one with years of education and training).

If you look at most of those programs they will just tell you to do an exercise. 

Let’s use push ups as an example.  Now – since you are reading this I am assuming you probably already know how to do a decent pushup.

However, many people do not know how to do one and many can’t even do one.  So what do you do then?

Do these programs know how to get someone to be able to do their first pushup?  The answer is almost always no. 

If you write in for support, it usually goes to some support person that is also answering questions about how to download something.

That is why the program I am developing has a beginners exercise module.  For example I can give you 6 exercises to do to build up to doing a full pushup. 

And, don’t worry you more advanced people.  I can also show you at least 6 pushup exercises that will tax even the strongest and fittest of you. 

My concern though has always been in how to personalize this as much as possible. 

I could offer over the phone coaching, or using the internet to interact. 

Now with all of that said, do you really need a personal trainer?  For most the answer is no.

The only reason to use one is to learn how to do an exercise(s) or to practice a specific skill set such as martial arts training as an example. 

But for simple exercises you can go to any gym and just ask anyone on staff to help you with doing an exercise or using a machine. 

You can ask the trained staff and pay them for an hour of their time.   Just be aware that they will try to sell you on using a personal trainer at $50 per hour.  You don’t need that.

From what I have seen most of the online programs for exercise programs miss the point entirely.

Exercise is just one aspect of getting into the absolute best health lifestyle possible. 

These programs out there seem to think that just exercising hard enough is the “be all and end all”.  It isn’t. 

It is one piece of the puzzle.  But ignoring your over all health, your nutrition program, any physical limitations and the mental side of health and fitness is just foolish. 

So can you find a customized online training program?  It is possible, just not probable.


Mike Val



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